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When two old mates turn against each other in 'Breach'

With new series 'Breach' making its way on ifilm, episode 3 of the show is set to air on Tuesday.

This could be a good idea to talk about the newly-aired ifilm series 'Breach' with just two episodes broadcast by the English channel so far.

'Breach' follows the story of Safa and Vahid - two old mates whose friendship faces a problem. Safa gets back to his old friend after many years to take revenge by tarnishing Vahid's reputation.

The bad guy of the story is trying to influence people close to Vahid and the story unfolds from there.

In the video attached, Vahid's brother-in-law seems to be fooled by the young woman he loves, but this could be just the beginning of a long chain of events awaiting Vahid and those near and dear to him.

We hope this little clue provided here helps you choose the new series among other shows on ifilm. If you are all ready for 'Breach', make time for yourself to catch the next episode on Tuesday at 19:00 GMT. If you ever miss the first run, you can catch up Wednesday at  03:00, 08:00, or 14:00 (all GMT times).