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In the footsteps of martyr Hussein (AS): ifilm cut

Scene capture from ‘The Mukhtar Narrative’ shows how the enemies in the battlefield plan for murdering Imam Hussein (AS).

In an ifilm cut from Iranian epic TV series ‘The Mukhtar Narrative’, it is shown how the enemies in the battlefield plan for murdering Imam Hussein (AS) while he is praying. 

In the captured scene, Shimr ibn Dhil and Umar ibn Saad are shown to be discussing whether to postpone the battle to let Imam Hussein (AS) and his companions say their  prayers in the battle of Karbala or not. 

The enemy soldiers eventually encircled Imam Hussein (AS) and his companions, and martyred all of them - an unfair battle where 72 stood against an army of 30,000.

Imam Hussein (AS), the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), was forced to face one of the fiercest and saddest tragedies in human history.

It is thought that Daesh and Takfiri terrorist groups have been around only for the past couple of years. However, the story of Karbala and Imam Hussein (AS) who fought the extremist ideology almost 1400 years ago need to be learned. Imam Hussein (AS) refused to pledge allegiance to Yazid and his father, who murdered, tortured and oppressed people in the name of Islam.

The story of ‘The Mukhtar Narrative’ reviews the events leading to the martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS). The series also deals with sixteen years of Mukhtar’s life and includes the death of Muawiyah, the succession of Yazid, and the events leading to Ashura and whatever related to the uprising of Mukhtar until his and his companions’ martyrdom.

‘The Mukhtar Narrative’ kicked off production in 2004; and was pursued up until 2009. It is a successful attempt by Davoud Mir-Baqeri following the largely success of ‘Imam Ali (AS)’ years back.  

The series came out in 2010 and starred some Iranian big shots. Over 140 actors were cast in this series.