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ifilm series ‘The Sound of Rain’ highlights ethics: reviews

‘The Sound of Rain’ highlights importance of Islamic concepts and ethics, according to roundup of reviews.

ifilm English TV channel is currently airing Hossein Soheilizadeh’s ‘The Sound of Rain’, a series that highlights the importance of Islamic concepts and ethics.

According to a roundup of reviews by ifilm, the main messages from ‘The Sound of Rain’ are some Islamic concepts such as Tawakkul (reliance on God), Halal (lawful) income that come from good source, and hope and optimism.

‘The Sound of Rain’ reflects social issues in an artistic way that does not turn off the audience.

The series is about Taha, a successful businessman and a widower living with his five-year-old daughter, who has been framed for smuggling drugs during a trip to Turkey, and has been sentenced to life imprisonment.

Taha entrusted everything he’s got, including his daughter, to his nephew, but he realized after 20 years that he has put his trust in the wrong people.

The cast, which includes Sam Derakhshani, Sepideh Khodaverdi, Siavash Kheirabi, Mehran Ahmadi, and Hamid-Reza Pegah, managed to portray the characters perfectly, according to reviews.

As there are only few episodes that separate us from the finale, don’t miss the upcoming exciting episodes of the series, which airs every day at 18:00 GMT.