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Javad Ezzati, Man of a thousand faces of Iranian cinema

Renowned Iranian star, Javad Ezzati, can be recognized as the man of a thousand faces of the Iranian cinema.

Renowned Iranian star, Javad Ezzati, can be recognized as the man of a thousand faces of the Iranian cinema.

He has so far starred in many films and series with completely various genres including comedy, action, drama and etc.

Ezzati started his television appearance with comedy role, but during years, exhibited his invaluable talent to turn into a real star of the cinema.

The popular actor is completely known to ifilm viewers as the channel has aired many of his films and series.

He played roles in a few comedy series before making name in ‘Bitter Coffee’ in which his role became very popular.

ifilm movie ‘Angles Come Together’ portrayed a different image of him as a seminary student.

The film narrates the story of a young couple who run a poor but loving life. Ahmad is a seminary student whose wife is about to give birth. Struggling to make ends meet, Ahmad is discovered by a director who wants him to star in his movie.

Ahmad blesses his lucky stars as things have changed for the better. However, his wife, upon knowing this, is not too pleased about her husband becoming a movie actor playing roles in the presence of other women.

‘Gold and Copper’ also enjoyed Ezzati at a similar role.

A young scholarly seminary student along with his family goes to the capital city of Tehran to study. After their arrival a twist of fate occurs to test his faith, as the doctors diagnose his wife with MS.

He also had a short role in popular ifilm series ‘Chimney’.

‘Chimaney narrates the story of Effat and Firouz who own a carpet cleaning center, which is also their home. Firouz’s sister is married to Effat’s brother and the two men cannot get along with each other. Both families are constantly in need of money. Their financial situation gets even worse when officials seal their carpet cleaning center. But the families have to face their problems and manage to find a way out together.

‘Midday Adventures’ was Ezzati’s first completely serious appearance.

This is the story of the terrorist attacks in Iran by the People’s Mujahidin Organization, aka Monafeqin, in the early years of the Islamic Revolution and the efforts of the Iranian intelligence services who try to stop them from bringing down the government and killing civilians.

Popular comedy series ‘Huge Problems’ was also one of the best series he has appeared in.

Latif is a young aspiring actor who has been down on his luck. He gets a job at the municipality as a hearse driver and he thinks that his luck has finally changed for the better. But when he loses the corpse of a wealthy man, he realizes that his luck hasn't changed as he’s now facing a lot of huge problems.

He had also played a main role in the recent Iranian box office hit ‘Millipede’.

In the film, a criminal named Reza finds out that a rich woman who is a doctor at a war veterans hospital vows to marry a veteran. Reza is an amputee without a leg, so he is willing to marry the doctor. However, a group of fighters who kill the veterans take him hostage.

Bahram Tavakoli’s multiple award-winning film ‘The Lost Strait’ was also one of Ezzati’s most serious and Tragic roles.

‘The Lost Strait’ was a 2018 war epic depicting the story of a group of Iranian soldiers in the final days of the imposed Iraq-Iran war.

When a group of Iranian soldiers is preparing for their long-awaited return back home, a surprise attack on a strategic border area forces them to make a tough decision as to whether they should continue heading home to their families or return to the battlefield to get the job done.

‘Lottery’, ‘Oxidan’, ‘Side View Mirror’, ‘Africa’ and ‘We Are All Together’ are also among his much remembered films.