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When Robocop scans Iran women

In this exclusive cut from anti-Iran movie, Iranian women are depicted in a weak position

In this exclusive cut from anti-Iran movie 'Robocop' (2014), Iranian women are depicted in a weak position being scanned by US robotic forces.

According to a review offered by movie critics, this movie directed by José Padilha shows how Hollywoodsim is at its peak against the Iranian nation with multinational conglomerate OmniCorp introducing so-called robotic peacekeepers that regard Iran as a hot spot for terrorism.

The 2014 production is a great example of American propaganda dogs in the movie. The promotional item features the corporation's robots and robot cops that invade Iran, topple the government, disarm the nation and scan women for the fear of guns and bombs.

The opening scene of this flick shows Iranians trembling in fears and this clearly indicates how the foregrounded nation in 2014's 'Robocop' is demonized as threats for world security and that the production did as a fear-mongering role in an unethical way on the silver screen.

Obviously, the writers of the movie wanted to show that the US wars in the future would be robotic and they settled on Iran as the beginning step.