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ifilm offers condolences on incident of Ashura

ifilm offers heartfelt condolences on incident of Ashura with this cut from ‘The Fateful Day’.

ifilm English has offered heartfelt condolences on the incident of Ashura with this cut from ‘The Fateful Day’.

The scene depicts the Karbala battlefield, where Imam Hussein (AS) and his companions were martyred.

The small yet valiant army of the imam was kept thirsty for several days before their martyrdom, yet it did not break them to make them waver in their call.

‘The Fateful Day’ is about Abdollah, a man just converted to Islam, who hears a sound seeking for help on his wedding day.

He leaves his new bride to look for the source of the sound.

When he finally arrives in Karbala, the battle is already over and he learns that he has a bigger mission of spreading the message of the unjust war.

Muslims around the world and in Iran observe the day of Tasua with its rituals and hold mourning ceremonies.

This year with the outbreak of coronavirus, the ceremonies have to consider the health protocols.