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Watch this animation themed on Hussein who said no

One of the most important components of mourning ceremonies for Imam Hussein (AS) is elegy recitation performed with a mournful tone.

In conjunction with mourning ceremonies for the third Mulsim Imam, an Iranian animated production themed on the tragic martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS) has been released.

The animation depicts some events at the Battle of Karbala on the Day of Ashura when Imam Hussein and his 72 faithful followers were martyred after they denied pledging allegiance to the notorious tyrant of their time, Yazid ibn Mu'awiya.

The type of harmonious audio you hear in the animation is called elegy recitation for Imam Hussein (AS), commonly performed by elegy reciters with a mournful tone.

The animation titled 'Farewell', directed by Danial Atoufi, is Ma'wa music center production. 

If you wonder why the title of this news piece is "Hussein who said no", you can find out here.