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What social media says about Imam Hussein (AS)

In this ifilm exclusive report, a round-up of impressive social media posts on Imam Hussein (AS) is presented.

Even in our present time, Imam Hussein (AS) and his uprising against the corrupt ruler of his time offer lessons of humanity and sacrifice to people around the world. 

No matter if you are a Muslim or not, the Imam's movement in history can inspire you and your family to live a free life and stop suffering under the yoke of a bad government. 

Below are just a small number of users' posts themed on Imam Hussein (AS) while they are storming Twitter with hashtags such as #Hussain, #HussainForJustice, #HussainForHumanity, and #HussainForAll.





It is true that Imam Hussein (AS) lived some 1400 years ago. But because he was an Imam and infallible human completely devoted to God, his life and his actions have been an inspiration for people living years after him in distant places.