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A snapshot of top Iran’s cinematic events in past week

Here is a selection of top events that took place in Iran cinema in the past week.

Here is a tour of a select number of what ifilm English brought to you as Iranian cinematic events in the past week. Take a minute to view the ones you might have missed.  

1. The 77th Venice Int’l Film Festival in Italy will host three films from Iran, namely ‘Careless Crime’, ‘Sun Children’ (The Sun) and ‘Wasteland’.

2. Reza Naji, first Silver Bear winner actor from Iran, overcomes cancer after undergoing medical treatment.

3. New behind-the-scenes footage of the award-winning Iranian feature film ‘The Warden’ is released.

4. Iranian short flick ‘Driving lessons’ wins award at the 12th SiciliAmbiente Film Festival in Italy while making its way into the 2020 Manhattan Short Film Festival in the US.

 5. Iran’s leading documentarian Manouchehr Tayyab dies at the age of 83.

6. An Iranian animated production themed on the tragic martyrdom of Imam Hussein (AS) is released.

7. Iranian epic historical drama ‘The Fateful Day’ is made accessible for the visually impaired audiences.

8. Iranian actor Navid Mohammadzadeh wins the Best Actor Award at the 13th International Film Festival “East&West. Classics and Avant Garde” in Russia.

9. Iranian female filmmaker Farnoush Samadi joins the jury members of the 2020 Tirana International Film Festival (TIFF) in Albania.

10. Iranian comedy film ‘The Good, the Bad, the Corny: Secret Army’ breaks Iran’s Video On Demand box office records.