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Cinema ifilm reviews tumult scene in ‘The Bride’

Cinema ifilm reviews one of the most tumult scenes in ‘The Bride’.

Cinema ifilm has reviewed one of the most tumult scenes in ‘The Bride’.

The show features some cuts from the scene where the climax of the movie takes place.

The newly-wed are happily driving to their honeymoon destination while dreaming about their bright future together.

All of a sudden, the most tragic event, no one could foresee, happens that may ruin all of their longings.

Directed by Behrouz Afkhami, ‘The Bride’ is a 1990 production which depicts the challenges to an unequal marriage.

“Hamid is in love with his sister's friend, Mahin. But when Hamid proposes to her, Mahin's strict father refuses. When he realizes that Hamid loves his daughter truly, Mahin's father accepts the proposal, but with some severe preconditions, including owning an apartment and a villa. Supported by Mahin's father, Hamid does whatever it takes, including lying and cheating, to become financially successful. But the process changes the previously happy-go-lucky Hamid, such that an instance of road rage on the way to their honeymoon leads to a tragedy,” the synopsis of the movie reads.

The movie’s cast list includes names such as Abolfazl Pourarab, Niki Karimi, Farahnaz Manafi-Zaher, the late Roqayyeh Chehrehazad, and the late Abbas Amiri-Moqaddam.

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