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'Brother' tonight: Between rock, hard place

In the upcoming episode of 'Brother', the breadwinner of a family is seemingly framed after losing his truck.

In the next episode of 'Brother', the breadwinner of a family is between a rock and hard place with his truck gone as his main livelihood and some allegations leveled against him.

In the attached video, you can see how easily someone is framed while making a decent living as a truck driver.  Here is the responsibility of the law enforcement to guide people best as the whole scenario is quite risky for the one in trouble.     

Your employer threatens you by saying, "You'd better tell me the truth, or I'll make you pay back every dime." In this situation, the less-experienced police officer may encourage the plaintiff to follow up with a formal complaint,  

However, an experienced police officer who says, "We don't have any complaints on account of the rice. Just find his truck, please," plays an important role as an unofficial arbitrator to make peace there.   

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