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‘Echo’ heads to Int’l Festival of Cinema Povero

International Festival of Cinema Povero is to screen Barzan’s Rostami’s ‘Echo’.

The 2020 competition lineup of the International Festival of Cinema Povero in Italy has included Barzan Rostami’s much-applauded short film ‘Echo’.

Also produced by Rostami, ‘Echo’, theming on the wildlife and environmental abuse by human beings, will be in the running at the 7th edition of the Italian screening event.

On September 26, ‘Echo’ will also compete at the 15th Sunnyside Shorts Int’l Film Festival (SSIFF) in the US.

The flick will also make an appearance at the 7th Star Film Fest in Croatia to be held on September 3-5, 2020.

The long list of the international screenings of ‘Echo’ goes on with the 4th Rosarito Film Festival in the US, the 6th Corto e a Capto- Premio Mario Puzo Film Festival in Italy, the 18th Hiroshima Int’l Animation Festival in Japan as well as the 6th Global Impact Film Festival (GIDC) in the US.

Late in May 2020, ‘Echo’ went on screen at the 4th Southern Cone International Film Festival (FICCSUR) in Mexico, and succeeded to grab the Best Animation Short Film award of the event.

Established in 2014, the International Festival of "Cinema Povero" celebrates independent films.

The 2020 round of the festival will go online on September 20-22.