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Lebanon’s Sabbah Brothers to produce TV series on Beirut blast

Lebanon is to produce limited series on August explosion in Beirut.

Lebanon’s prominent film and TV company Cedars Art Production - CAP (Sabbah Brothers) has set to produce a limited series on the devastating explosion which hit Beirut last month.

Sadek Sabbah, the company president, took to Twitter to announce that preparations are underway for the filming of a TV series titled ‘Hangar 12’ (Anbar 12) that would depict the wreckage and casualties inflicted by the blast.

A powerful explosion struck port warehouses storing highly explosive material in Beirut on August 4, killing 171 people and injuring 6,500. The blast also left 300,000 people temporarily homeless.

The series is named after the place where the cargo of dangerous ammonium nitrate, commonly used in both fertilizer and bombs, were stored in the port for years.

Sabbah also unveiled the poster of the TV series, saying the show would narrate “people’s stories which were left untold”.

He noted that a portion of the series’ earnings will be given to those affected by the blast.

‘Hangar 12’ is expected to be directed by Amin Dora and will be written by a group of writers.

Media reports said the filming of the show, which will consist of five episodes, will begin later this year, adding that it will be premiered at the beginning of the next year.

According to the reports, the social series will tell the story of characters whose lives have been turned upside-down after the explosion.