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‘Sons of Saud’ reviews history of Saudi Arabia: director

Iranian director says his doc ‘Sons of Saud’ reviews history of Saudi Arabia.

Iranian director Vahid Faraji says his documentary ‘Sons of Saud’ reviews the history of Saudi Arabia, noting that he used rare archives in the film.

Speaking on the four-part documentary, which will be aired on Iran’s documentary TV channel (AKA Mostanad) later this month, Faraji said ‘Sons of Saud’ features pristine and new archives that would attract audiences, especially in Iran.

According to him, the first part of the film addresses the foundation of Saudi Arabia, and how the Saud family seized control of the regions of Najd and Hijaz.

That part, he said, also refers to the role of France and Britain in shaping Arab countries, including Saudi Arabia, after the World War I.

Meanwhile, the second part of ‘Sons of Saud’ focuses on how the ultra-hardline ideology of Wahhabism, Saudi Arabia’s official faith, paved the way for the creation of Takfiri terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda and Daesh.

The formation and spread of the Takfiri ideology is reviewed in that part, Faraji explained.

The third part of the film is about the pyramid of power in Saudi Arabia. It also refers to the Saudi regime’s relations with the Western countries, especially the US and the UK.

In the fourth part, the documentary indicates Riyadh’s ties with Iran since the foundation of the kingdom until today.

Faraji noted that the process of making the film took two years.