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‘Castle of Dreams’ receives 3 nominations at ImagineIndia

Iranian ‘Castle of Dreams’ receives 3 nominations at the 19th ImagineIndia Int'l Film Festival in Spain.

Iranian feature ‘Castle of Dreams’ has received three nominations at the 19th edition of the ImagineIndia International Film Festival in Spain.

Media reports said on Wednesday that Reza Mirkarimi’s movie was nominated for Best Actor, Best Music and Best Script awards at the Spanish festival.

‘Castle of Dreams’ is about Jalal Moradi, a 42-year-old father of two, who kills a relative in an accident, but he was released after it was considered as an accidental killing without intent.

After getting out of prison, Jalal leaves his wife and kids and moves to another city.

When the mother of the kids dies, Jalal returns to his hometown, but he still does not want to be with the children.

The film is starring Hamed Behdad and Zhila Shahi.

‘Castle of Dreams’ has managed to bag several awards at various international festivals.

The ImagineIndia is mainly devoted to promote cooperation between the Indian Subcontinent, the rest of Asia, and Spain along with the European Union, according to the festival’s website.

The 19th edition of event will take place in Madrid on September 24-October 8.