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A glance at Hadi Hejazifar’s acting path from beginning to now

Renowned Iranian actor Hadi Hejazifar, has been one of the key stars of the Iranian cinema in 2010s.

Renowned Iranian actor Hadi Hejazifar, has been one of the key stars of the Iranian cinema in 2010s.

Despite his late introduction to the world of cinema, Hejazifar outshined very soon by acting as Iranian political figure Ahmad Motevasselian in docudrama ‘Standing in the Dust’ which won him a nomination for the Best Actor in a Leading Role at the 18th Iran Cinema Celebration in 2016.

‘Standing in the Dust’ is a multiple award-winning biography/drama about Ahmad Motevasselian, one of Iran’s most legendary commanders during the Iraqi-imposed war on Iran.

Born in 1976, he immediately made name, having a number of big offerings from various directors.

His next appearance was in blockbuster ‘Midday Adventures’ that won many awards and nominations in various festivals.

‘Midday Adventures’ is a political drama that portrays the terrorist atrocities of the Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) in Iran during the 1980s.

‘Axing’ and ‘Astigmatism’ was his next movies, though he shined again in a brilliant role in ‘Katyusha’ alongside popular actor Ahmad Mehranfar.

‘Axing’ narrates the story of an addicted woman whose husband divorced her due to her substance abuse. She also has been told that her one and only daughter has been dead. When the woman discovers that her child is alive, she tries to find her which disturbs her ex and his new wife.

‘Astigmatism’ is about a couple, Ensi and Zabin, living in the suburbs of Tehran and expecting a baby; however, the destiny is not as they could predict.

‘Katyusha’ is the tale of two men from polar opposite social classes who have to spend a few days together. Khalil, an Iranian war veteran known as “Khalil Katyusha” on Instagram and Arshia, a corny but wealthy young man begin to clash on various issues during the time they are together.

Hatamikia’s blockbuster ‘Damascus Time' was Hejazifar’s next project that zeros in on security threat by terrorists when an Iranian plane, conveying humanitarian aid to Syria, is challenged in Damascus Airport.

‘Lottary’ directed by Mohammad-Hossein Mahdavian also won him awards and nominations in Iranian film festivals.

His next projects has so far been ‘Pig Gene’, ‘Midday Adventures 2’, ‘No-Fly Zone’, ‘Amphibian’ and ‘Atabai’ were his latest successful appearances.