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Despicable, but memorable, villains in Iran series (Part 1)

Get to know the most despicable, but memorable villains depicted in Iranian series.

From the past until now, most movies, stories and series feature the heroes and antiheroes as the most important pillar in the storyline with their defeat and victory bringing tears to your eyes or sometimes putting a smile on your face.

In short, it is the conflict between good and evil that makes the story flow in a fascinating way and takes you on a memorable journey for a few minutes.

In the meantime, along with the protagonists of the story, the villains or the negative characters of the story, sometimes play their roles so well that you want a chain of events happens in their favor or better yet,  you become so engrossed in the feeling of hatred you have for them that you would say to yourself, “How can I get rid of these popular villains.”

A great movie hero needs a great villain. These villains give beloved protagonists a reason to exist, entertain and go above and beyond in pursuit of justice.

For these reasons, despite a large number of such characters, ifilm website presents some of these characters, who have played roles in Iranian series with an excellent portrayal of negative characters. They have shown their acting skills in a way that we never forget their parts on the small screen.

‘Asleep and Awake’ series' Natasha

Actress: Roya Nonahali  

Glamour: We had never imagined the representation of a criminal woman on TV before Nonahali’s performance. It was enough for Natasha to stay in the minds of the audience forever with the makeup and costume that seemed a little different as well as with the courage she had in performing martial arts.

Nonahali successfully inhibited the role, playing a female criminal who was spectacularly accurate and her plans never went awry.

‘Kimia’ series' Arash 

Actor: Pouria Poursorkh

Glamour: For example, the role was negative. Why, for example? Unlike other villains, the audience did not hate this character very much, saw him as a victim, and happened to guard against the positive characters of the story who were constantly finding faults with him.

This inherent contradiction in Arash's character and the audience's interesting reaction have turned the character into one of those attractive gray ones who are also nice at times. He always  advocated the notion that “the End Justifies the Mean.” Whether in his family life or business and politics, he preferred his own interests and dealt with issues this way just as his father did.

‘The Red Line’ series ' Nasser 

Actor: Shahram Haqiqatdoust

Glamour: He is a bad friend - an addict, liar and thief - with all negative traits that turn him into a total villain. Nasser's role in ‘The Red Line’ series had all these characteristics; while he was the baddie, the audience could relate to him due to his bitter past.

In fact, Nasser was the victim of his family conditions and the loneliness he was struggling with, and for such reasons, many viewers felt sorry for him.

Peyman in the series ‘Cold Fever’

Actor: Kambiz Dirbaz

Glamour: Peyman was used to be a child thief and now, an addict. He also had a clear inclination towards committing crimes associated with the lumpenproletariat as the social class he represented. His speaking tone and the use of words such as a “pasteurized baby” -- a back translation for a prim and proper person from Persian to English – stuck in the minds of many people. He was introduced by this role to the small screen audiences with a long-lasting effect on the viewers.

Farrokh in the series ‘After the Rain’

Actor: Rahim Nowrouzi

Glamour: He was wounded and when his wounds piled up a cluster bomb that he was could be exploded at any time. Eventually, the heavy load of his grudge dumped on his family. Farrokh was a real villain who gradually distanced himself from the innocence of his existence and quickly came to a bad end. He was a more attractive negative character, especially in his younger years.

Asghar Kopak in the series ‘Sleep and Awake’

Actor: Mehdi Fakhimzadeh

Glamour: Asghar Kopak's tone and appearance qualify the character to be placed among the ever-lasting roles in the category of antiheroes on the small screen. Fakhimzadeh, in his series,  in addition to his special tone of speech, portrayed Asghar using his face gestures that made the character one of the most hated ones in Iranian series.

Qottam in the series 'Imam Ali' (AS)

Actress: Vishka Asayesh

Glamour: Mirbaqeri's works have women in the center stage. One of the most hated, but definitely memorable, characters he created is Qottam.

This character, who played a prominent and different role in the storyline of the series of 'Imam Ali' (AS), was a spiteful and arrogant woman. She instigated the murderer of the Imam to carry out his sinister plot. This series featured Vishka Asayesh for the first time on an Iranian TV channel and was a huge success so much so that she is still recalled by many with the same role and name.