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Main actor of ‘The Sun’ contracts COVID-19

The main actor of Majid Majidi’s ‘The Sun’ contracts COVID-19 prior to attending the Venice Int’l Film Festival in Italy.

Rouholah Zamani, the main actor of Majid Majidi’s feature film ‘The Sun’, has been diagnosed with COVID-19 prior to attending the 77th edition of the Venice International Film Festival in Italy.

Rouholah has to stay home due to the infection while the cast and crew of the film in the line-up of the latest edition of the Venice festival are set to depart for Italy tomorrow on September 5.

The film production team along with critics and the attending audience will watch the movie together at the event.

Majidi said of the unfortunate incident, “We applied to get a visa for the teenage actors of the film, Rouholah Zamani and Shamila Shirzad, but after being tested for COVID-19, Rouholah's result came back positive. So he can’t accompany the group”.

Despite a spike in coronavirus cases in Italy and its neighboring European countries, the world's oldest film festival opened on Wednesday evening with strict safety measures imposed by Venice organizers to safely host the first major coronavirus-era physical fest when other film events canceled or went online.

The 77th annual Venice International Film Festival is currently being held from September 2-12, 2020.

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