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Iran actor turns into cat for cinematic project

Iranian actor is appearing in a new cinematic project with very different make-up.

Famed Iranian actor Amin Zendegani is appearing in a new cinematic project with very different make-up. 

The actor of 'The Kingdom of Solomon the Prophet' series shared a photo of his makeup for his new movie titled 'Cat City' on his Instagram page, announcing the imminent premiere of Javad Hameshi's new offering in Iran. 

The makeup designer who did this makeover is Shahram Khalaj with one of the characters in the flick set to be an animated portrayal of US President Donald Trump.    

Zendegani has appeared in the series ‘Days of Youth’, ‘Lost Innocence’, ‘Spellbound’, 'A Cage to Fly', 'It's All There' and ‘The Mukhtar Narrative’.

He has also acted in the movies ‘Eastern Woman’ (1997), ‘The Actor’ (1998) ‘The Path to Heaven’ (2011), ‘Octopus’ (2011) and ‘Oblivion Season’ (2013).