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Mark Ruffalo says Trump is after violence

Mark Ruffalo claims Donald Trump is after agitating peaceful protest following Jacob Blake’s shooting.

Mark Ruffalo has publicly claimed that Donald Trump is after agitating the peaceful protest against Jacob Blake’s shooting by the police.

Last Tuesday, the ‘Avengers’ star joined a virtual protest in his hometown, Kenosha, Wisconsin which honored the social safety following the police violence and shooting of 29-year-old Jacob Blake, a man of color.

Being a social activist and an outspoken opponent of Trump’s policies, Ruffalo voiced his concern over the fact that Trump wants to make people’s peaceful gatherings into hotbeds of violence so that he can show the people’s congregations are about violence rather than social justice and safety.

He warned and went on telling his people to beware of the agitators who will come to their gatherings to pursue president’s plans.

He invited the people to consider the peaceful civil disobedience as their option for achieving their wanting of peace.