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Iraqi producer reveals film on Salman the Persian

Iraqi filmmaker Azhar Khamis reveals film on Salman the Persian.

Iraqi filmmaker Azhar Khamis has revealed a new film on Salman the Persian to the public.

Produced by the al-Abbas's Holy Shrine and directed by Khamis, the film is about the companion of Prophet Mohammad, Salman Al-Mohammadi (AKA Salman the Persian).

It shows the circumstances that accompanied his search for truth, since childhood, until he found Islam.

Earlier Khamis said, “The film was filmed in Iran in the largest film production city, Noor Taban, which was created by a specialized Italian team for the director of the film ‘Mohammad; the Messenger of Allah’ by Majid Majidi. The film is of 59 minutes and the filming lasted about 24 days with a professional team last year 2018.”

The unit of documentary and cinema films at the al-Kafeel Center for Artistic Production of the al-Abbas's Holy Shrine has produced many documentary films or docudramas.

The first film is about the biography of Abu Taleb, the father of Imam Ali (AS), another film deals with the biography of Lady of Quraish; Lady Khadija mother of Lady Fatima Zahra (SA), and the third one depicts the biography of Malek Al-Ashtar al-Nakha'I.

Khamis is one of the employees of the al-Kafeel Center for Productions and Artistic Photography.