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Spiritual moments depicted in 'Leila's Loneliness'

Let's keep this short and sweet! The upcoming episode of ifilm series presents spiritual moments.

‘Leila's Loneliness’ presents some intense moments of spirituality along with an impressive song that would blow any mind willing to explore the unseen truth.

Let‘s watch the latest episode at 20:00 GMT and enjoy the great theme song for the series with a heavenly voice singing lines of poems with deep meanings that inspire you to feel spiritual.   

'Leila’s Loneliness' is the story of a girl from a rich family who travels from the US to her ancestral homeland, Iran, and falls in love with Mohammad, the custodian of a mausoleum who is a religious man.

Despite ideological differences, Leila finds peace in Mohammad’s austere and spiritual lifestyle and gets married to him. Leila faces many ordeals and hardships in her life, but her faith helps her to overcome them.