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ifilm TV is now ten years old

ifilm TV with the best of Iranian series and movies has turned ten today.

ifilm TV celebrates the 10th anniversary of its inaugural broadcast on September 8, expressing congratulations and best wishes on this happy occasion to the viewers who have been following the best of Iranian series and movies on this network over the years.

After a decade of memory-making, the network has been able to successfully establish its position as a reputable and well-known platform with its presence felt in Iran and abroad given that it is close to its focal point in terms of influence and reference in the world of powerful media.

ifilm has been able to connect the audience to their memories, providing an opportunity for them to visually review their television memories. The programs offered by ifilm include Iranian TV productions and movies shown on the channel’s playlist. Along with series and movies, programs such as ‘Cinema iFilm’, ‘Behind the Scenes’, ‘Gramafilm’, "You&iFilm" are quite effective in the production of analytical shows aired by ifilm TV.

The diversity of these programs n alignment with the mission of this network creates a state of unity, as well as plurality, and allows the audience to get a better understanding of Iranian productions on the small and big screens.

A large number of memorable Iranian series and movies such as ‘Prophet Joseph’, ‘Leila’s Loneliness’ ‘A Cube of Sugar’ have been aired by ifilm English channel over a decade since the launch of ifilm TV.

The dynamic nature of the channel's websites also contributes to building a strong connection between the audience and ifilm TV. The viewers can use the content presented on the websites and related social media pages. In so doing, they can pursue their interests in an organized and planned manner.

ifilm TV has already established itself as a family network among viewers. The latest poll by the National Media Research Center in Iran found that ifilm had a 4.5 percent increase in viewership in the spring of 2020 compared to the same period last year.

ifilm TV has also launched new channels over the years in English and Arabic, as well as ifilm2 for Persian speakers across the world. In fact, the network is expanding its range of audience geographically, and undoubtedly, wherever a family-oriented person lives, ifilm can be the best sanctuary for their household as the content presented here is wholesome. We as ifilm crew receive quite a number of messages on a daily basis from our viewers across the world. This shows that the network has been effective for more than ten years, carrying out its missions with astonishing success. ifilm is now a new family experience.



Congrats. We love you. And we would like to see iFilm TV Bangla, iFilm TV Urdu and iFilm TV Türkçe as well.