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ifilm is to broadcast final episode of ‘The Envoy’

ifilm English is to broadcast the final episode of the series ‘The Envoy’ tonight at 22:00 GMT.

The final episode of the series ‘The Envoy’ is set to hit ifilm screen tonight at 22:00 GMT.

The series, produced by Mohsen Ali-Akbari and directed by Javad Shamaqdari, narrates a story from the time when the Umayyad Dynasty Caliph Muawiyah died.

Then, his son Yazid wrote a letter to the governor of Medina and ordered him to summon Imam Hussein (AS) and make him swear allegiance, but the Imam refused to do so.

Many people wrote letters to Imam Hussein and asked him to become their leader. Imam Hussein (AS) sent an envoy to Basra and another one to Kufa to rise up against the oppression.

The series cast list includes Golab Adineh, Jafar Dehqan, Mahmoud Pakniyyat, Ziba Boroufeh, the late Mohammad-Ali Keshavarz, Mahvash Sabrkon, Reza Tavakkoli, Hossein Yari, Fakhreddin Seddiq-Sharif, and Zahra Saeedi.

‘The Envoy’ will be replaced by the series ‘Neighbors’ directed by Mohammad-Hossein Latifi.