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‘Eaten’ to be screened in US cinemas, VoD

Iran animation ‘Eaten’ is to be screened in US cinemas.

Iranian animation ‘Eaten’ is slated to be screened in the US cinemas.

The animated piece, directed by Mohsen Rezapour, will hit the silver screens and one of the VoD services of the US from October 2020.

The screenings are powered by the Oscar qualifying festival of Animation Block Party where ‘Eaten’ went on screen on August 21-23, 2020. The event annually displays selected animations throughout the country under a program titled ‘Best of the Best’.

The film is about the life in a planet where all creatures there eat each other. But one of those creatures has found a way to survive after he was eaten, and has continued his life in the stomach of a wolf.

The animation has already been showcased at a number of global events, including the Anibar Int’l Animation Festival in Kosovo, the Sieciminuti Filmfestival in Italy and the Fluxus Animation Filmfest in the Netherlands.