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‘Supine’ makes way to Horror Movie Awards

‘Supine’ is to vie at the 2020 Horror Movie Awards in the US.

Iranian one-shot feature film ‘Supine’ is set to vie at the 2020 Horror Movie Awards in the US.

Shahram Asadzadeh’s film in horror genre, which was shot in one single take, will be participating in the main competition section of the 6th Horror Movie Awards.

Produced by Ali Yavar, the flick is about the detrimental effects of drug-addiction on the abuser and the people surrounding him.

Mehdi Mahani, Sara Khoiniha, Nasim Adabi and Shahed Ahmadlou teamed up to make the cast members of the flick.

In ‘Supine’, Mahani plays the role of a character named Shahrokh who has a difficult time telling the real world apart from his illusions, causing irreparable damage to himself and the people around him.

Mahani was awarded ‘Best Matrioshka Actor in a Leading Role’ at the 2018 Moscow Indie Film Festival.

Previously, the two-hour long take feature had appeared at the 9th One Take Film Festival in Croatia.

The Horror Movie Awards is an award showcase for shorts and features which are judged by members of the Seattle Horror Film Academy.

The event is due on October 31, 2020 in Seattle.