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‘Inner Love’ wins award at Kalakari Int’l Film Festival

The Kalakari Int’l Film Festival in India awards ‘Inner Love’.

The 3rd edition of the Kalakari International Film Festival in India has honored Iranian short film ‘Inner Love’ with best film award.

‘Inner Love’, which made its debut screening at the 8th Spi Stories Film Festival in Italy, succeeded to win the Kalakari best film award in its second international festival appearance.

The social drama is a musical short with no dialogue, written and directed by Ehsan Nasri. It tells the story of a labor child’s life who is kind, self-giving and loves life despite all of its difficulties.

“As a filmmaker, I deeply care about children of labor, their lives and their rights. By making this movie, I wish to show the world who these children really are and call the world to support them and help them to have a better life,” Nasri wrote for Kalakari official website.

The Kalakari International Film Festival is regarded as the most prestigious film event for the animation, visual effects, and photography segment across the Indian sub-continent and beyond. It has become a springboard to showcase talent.

The Kalakari film event announced its 2020 list of winners on September 2.