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UK festival to screen Iranian movie ‘Among the Hills’

The Screen Power Film Festival in the UK is to screen Iranian movie ‘Among the Hills’.

The Screen Power Film Festival in the UK has scheduled to screen Iranian movie ‘Among the Hills’.

Directed by Mohammad-Reza Keivanfar, the movie is about the adventures of a teacher named Amir.

Amir enters a strange border area. He is supposed to teach in a nomadic school.

The school is an old bus with no students and the bus owner comes to take the bus back.  But, Amir goes among the nomads of the region and asks the parents to help him keep the school.

While there, the teacher notices the problems of nomadic women. Due to the difficult circumstances, Amir must decide whether to continue his efforts or return to the city.

“Education is the foundation of any change in the world; particularly on women and children. With the help of women, the world can abandon its prejudices and problems much faster. The film tries to challenge the education system as a major factor in the creation and transformation of culture. I learned from my master Abbas Kiarostami that there is beauty even in the worst conditions. In this film, I try to narrate the problems of women and children in remote areas in a context of visual beauty,” Keivanfar once said.

Amir Shams and Elham Jalali, who are theater actors, have played the main roles of the film and the roles of other characters have been given to the locals.

‘Among the Hills’ has taken part at a number of global events, including the 2019 Busan International Film Festival in South Korea, the 26th Vesoul International Film Festival of Asian Cinema in France, the 2020 Netherlands Film Festival, and the 4th MENA Short Film Festival in the Netherlands, where it won the Feature Film Award.

The Screen Power Film Festival is a brand-new international event dedicated to celebrating powerful and unique films from around the world.

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