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American TV hosts condemn Trump’s coronavirus cover-up

Trevor Noah and Jimmy Fallon condemns Trump’s move to downplay COVID-19.

Two American late-night TV hosts Trevor Noah and Jimmy Fallon have condemned Donald Trump’s move to downplay the severity of coronavirus.

Following the bombshell report that said the US president downplayed the threat of COVID-19 in public, despite knowing the virus was far more dangerous than he was telling Americans, Noah went on to call Trump a con man.

A revelation was recently exposed by journalist Bob Woodward from his taped interview with the president who admitted that he not only knew how deadly and dangerous the coronavirus was, but that he had decided to play it down in public because he did not want to create a panic.

“You didn’t want to create a panic? So what did you want? For people to very calmly be dying in the streets? I get that as a leader you don’t want people to panic. But you also want to inform the people so they can be safe,” Noah said.  

The host then concluded that Trump is not trustworthy, saying, “And you might be thinking this is good news, Trevor, it means that Trump isn’t as dumb as we thought. No, this is terrible news…. Because it shows that Donald Trump is willfully misleading the public — it reminds you that he’s a con man.”

Jimmy Fallon also went off on president for lying to public about coronavirus, saying it is “a catastrophic story for Trump that threatens to end his presidency.”

“Seriously, you didn’t want to create a panic? For the last six months, I’ve been opening doorknobs with my knees,” he joked.

Jimmy then quipped that, “The tape is so bad, Trump’s chances at re-election are starting to sink faster than one of the boats at the Trump boat parade.”