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Amin Hayaee, a star to stay young forever

Iranian superstar Amin Hayaee is one of the most popular Iranian actors who seem not to age.

Iranian superstar Amin Hayaee is one of the most popular Iranian actors who seem not to age at all.

His fans know him as the forever-young star with whom aging has nothing to do.

On the verge of 50, the action/comedy actor still seems to have too much energy to carry on for many more years.

He says that one of the reasons that has helped him to look young is having enough cardio to keep up.

Hayaee has been into sports since very young age and his body is so ready that in many scenes of his movies, he doesn’t have stunt performers.

Born in 1970, Amin Hayaee starred in many films and series before making name in ‘Tainted Hands’.

The film is the story of Diba and Siamak who are in the business of filming wedding ceremonies. They are set to film the wedding of a wealthy couple. Nader and Roya are another couple who want to make money anyway. The team of four goes to the wedding and steals all the gifts to the newly-weds. Now they have to divide the shares and deal with a man who somehow got informed about the robbery.

‘The Yellow Rose’ was his other memorable film that was well received by the audiences.

A newly-wed couple hits the road heading to Iran's northern provinces for their honeymoon. They run into another newly-wed couple on their way and decide to continue their journey together, but what turns out to be a scary night on the road becomes a test of character for all of them, especially one of the men, who finds himself having to choose between his wife and his fears.

‘Mom’s Guests’ a tour de force in the Iranian cinema enjoyed Hayaee’s brilliant performance among a loads of other stars of the film.

In a poor Tehran neighborhood, Effat, who is the mother of two, is in a huge predicament because she has to prepare dinner for her guests. The guests are coming over at a time when she has nothing at home to make for dinner. The social comedy reaches its climax when the neighbors, despite being poor, do their best by each giving out what they have to help Effat serve her guests a decent dinner.

'Charlatan' comedy was his next acting destination.

The film tells the story of two young roommates who are struggling with financial issues. Behrouz is working with his motorbike and Hassan, who is a screenwriter, has sold no script for a long time. The story unfolds when Hassan goes to a film company and starts to describe his new script.

Iranian drama ‘Women Are Angels’ depicted him in a new role as a man interested in beautiful women.

Leila loves her husband, but when she finds out he’s not the man she thought he was, she wants out of the marriage. There’s just one problem. Leila comes from a wealthy family and she’d transferred all her possessions to her husband’s name, and he’s refusing to give any of it back. Now Leila needs to figure out a way to trick her husband...

Award-winning movie ‘Axing’ is one of his recent appearances in the Iranian cinema.

The film narrates the story of an addicted woman whose husband divorced her due to her substance abuse. She also has been told that her one and only daughter has been dead. When the woman discovers that her child is alive, she tries to find her which disturbs her ex and his new wife.

Hamid Nematollah's 'Flaming' brought Hayaee, loads of compliments from critics and cinemagoers.

The social drama narrates the story of man who feels as a loser in life. The feeling has cast shadow over all his life.

‘Saint Petersburg’, ‘Golden Diet’ and the political national security action-drama ‘Golden Collars’ are among his best-known films.

His latest films are also ‘Wild and Killer’, ‘Eyes and Ears Shut’, ‘Dancer’ and ‘Darkhoungah’ that include loads of genres from comedy to action and drama.

He has also appeared in many series also popular to ifilm fans such as ‘Neighbors’, ‘Shams-ol-Emareh’, ‘The Pahlavi Hat’, ‘A Heart of Ice’, ‘Made in Iran’, ‘My Sky’, ‘Amen’ and the currently on-air series ‘Noble-Born’.