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Greek fest presenting Iranian animation ‘Damoun Jungle’

The 4th Chaniartoon in Greece is presenting Iranian animation ‘Damoun Jungle, Yes or No’.

The 4th edition of the Chaniartoon - Chania Cartoon and Animation Festival in Greece has been hosting Iranian animation ‘Damoun Jungle, Yes or No’.

Co-directed by Hadi Amiri and Raha Faraji, the 13-minute animation tells the story of Filoo, a little elephant who lives in the jungle with other animals.

He is super kind to his friends, but just too kind.

His biggest problem is that he is unable to say “no” to others.

Being asked to take on too many unreasonable chores, Filoo always ends up exhausted, but not for long!

His encounter with a special mentor changes his mindset completely.

The animation has already gone on screen at the TV/Web Program section of the 2020 Taiwan International Children’s Film Festival in Taipei.

The Chaniartoon is an annual festival dedicated to comic, illustration and animation.

The 4th Chaniartoon, slated for September 11-20, 2020, is underway on the Greek island of Crete in Chania.

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