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Roverto Doc Fest to screen Iranian ‘Gonj’

The Roverto Doc Fest in Italy is to host Iran short doc ‘Gonj’.

The Roverto Doc Fest- World Cultural Heritage in Italy is slated to host Iranian short documentary film ‘Gonj’ (Honey Bee).

The 8-minute flick, written, directed and produced by Arman Qolipour-Dashtaki, will be among the international competition titles of the Italian fest’s 31st edition.

‘Gonj’ is about a group of mountaineers who do a very tough climb in the Zagros ranges to obtain pure and natural honey. The honey will then be used to cure the patients with various diseases.

The film has been so far on screen at a number of global events, including the Devine Queer Film Festival in Italy and the Early Bird Int’l Student Film Festival in Bulgaria.

The Roverto Doc Fest- World Cultural Heritage, which was used to be run under the name of International Film Festival of Archaeological Film, is an annual event launched in 1990.

According to the official website of the fest, it, “aims at reaching and informing the general public about the preservation and enhancement of the world heritage and the archaeological research”.

This year’s edition of the fest is scheduled for September 30- October 4.