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'Infidel'; when Hollywood sowing seeds of religious hatred in Iran

US director Cyrus Nowrasteh of Iranian descent has made new movie ‘Infidel’ with an agenda dictated by Hollywood to demonize Iranian people.

US director Cyrus Nowrasteh of Iranian descent has made new movie ‘Infidel’ with an agenda dictated by Hollywood to demonize Iranian people and sow the seeds of religious divisions. 

The flick is set to premiere at US theaters soon with a sinister plot to unfairly address the issues of Christians as a religious minority in Iran. While Muslims in Iran respect other religious minorities, the flick has turned things upside down.  

After reading the director's interview with the media and watching the flick's trailer as well as description, here is what you can conclude as a decent viewer who believes in the elevated concept of interfaith dialogue.     

The director calls himself a so-called Christian convert who has lived all or perhaps most of his life in the US. His movie will display a pack of new lies made by the sick minds dominating Hollywood – those minds that cannot project the real picture of Iran and its official religion, Islam.

While the plot of the flick pretends to focus more on political issues between Iran and the US and the so-call hostage-taking of US citizens at the hands of Iranian authorities, Nowrasteh has another fake concern in his mind reflected through his movie.

He wants to portray Muslims in Iran as the ones having a domineering disposition with a blurry description of the so-called “‘house-church movement’ in … a response to the oppression of the Islamic Republic,” as the director claims.

‘Infidel’ narrates the fabricated story of a Christian blogger (played by Jim Caviezel) who is captured by an Iranian group alarmed at his public comments regarding Christianity. The film involves honor killings and wants to suggest the illusion that many Muslim Iranians are being converted to Christianity. Nevertheless, the great number of enthusiastic young and old believers showing support on a daily basis for religious traditions in Islam proves otherwise.    

This flick does not mark the director’s first effort to inflame hatred against the good and peace-loving people of Iran through religion. The theme of his new film following  ‘The Stoning of Soraya M.’ shows the director does not want to shy away from defaming and denigrating the country in which  Nowrasteh’s ancestors had lived for a long time.

‘The Stoning of Soraya M.’ is themed on the false claims regarding the tradition of stoning women in Iran.

The director who has lived outside Iran for many years is not a legitimate case to pass any judgment regarding the country’s status quo. He should go back to his roots and make a movie about the greatness of his great-great-grandparents’ land, also known as Iran.


Azman Salim

All religions should live a happy life together