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Female cineastes to judge at Resistance Filmfest

Five Iranian cineastes are to judge at the Resistance Int’l Film Festival in Iran.

Five Iranian cineastes have been selected to judge at the Resistance International Film Festival in Iran.

The selected female jury members of the event, to judge at the short feature section, are Pouran Derakhshandeh, Monir Qeidi, Ensieh Shah-Hosseini, Giti Khameneh and Fariba Kosari.

Veteran Iranian filmmaker Pouran Derakhshandeh has so far directed many award-winning films including 'Hush Girls don't Scream!', 'Forever Young' and ‘Under the Smoky Roof’.

As the first Iranian woman to direct films on Iran-Iraq war, Ensieh Shah-Hosseini has a prominent work named 'Goodbye Commander' that brought her many national and international awards and nominations.

Monir Qeidi is best known for her recent award-winning film 'The Villa Residents' that attracted the attention of critics and audiences.

Giti Khameneh is one of Iran's most known and nostalgic TV hosts who has written and directed many short films and animations. She has also been a member of jury panel in many festivals.

Popular actress, Fariba Kosari, is another jury member of the festival. She has starred in many films and series, including 'Superstar', 'Heartbroken', 'The Rise of Mukhtar', 'Top Secret', 'Cry Out in Silence' and 'The Lost Innocence'.

The Resistance festival is organized every year to commemorate the anniversary of the 1980-1988 Iraqi war on Iran, which is known as the “Sacred Defense” in Iran.

The festival will run in two different stages. The first one will take place during the Sacred Defense Week from September 21 to 28, while the second stage will be held on November 21 to 27 to celebrate the anniversary of Basij Day, which falls on November 25.

The upcoming edition of the event will go online due to the pandemic.