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Do Ali and Marzieh of the series ‘Neighbors’ tie the knot?

The series ‘Neighbors’ depicts depressing moments of a couple who are fighting to earn their families’ permission.

The next episode of the series ‘Neighbors’ has been scheduled to go on screen tonight at 22:00 GMT.

Marzieh and Ali are fighting to save their marriage on their wedding day. The couple who is getting married without the permission of their families is forced by Marzieh’s brothers to get separated.

But do they succeed to separate the two lovers? Stay tuned for the next episode to see what happens.

The 25-episode series, directed by Mohammad-Hossein Latifi, goes on air every night except for Saturdays.

The series cast list is comprised of some popular Iranian stars, including Amin Hayaee, Mohammad-Reza Sharifinia, Ali Nasiriyan, Kamand Amir-Soleymani, and the late Hossein Panahi.

Ali Osivand, Keihan Maleki, Ramin Parchami, Majid Mozaffari, and Gohar Kheirandish have also appeared in the series.

The series tells the story of an elderly man who has lived abroad for many years.

Now he has returned to Tehran to his building which was supposed to be empty.

But getting to the building, he sees it is not empty anymore and several families are living there.

Instead of kicking them out, he grows fond of them and decides to move in and join the adventures, joys, and sorrows of their charming lives.

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