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Iran’s ‘Echo’ on screen at Greek Chaniartoon

Iran animation ‘Echo’ is on screen at the Chaniartoon Int’l Comic & Anim Fest in Greece.

Iranian short animation ‘Echo’ has been on screen at the Chaniartoon - Chania Cartoon and Animation Festival in Greece.

Directed by Barzan Rostami, the 7-minute animation is on screen at the Digital Edition of the Greek event’s 4th edition.

‘Bowl, Paper, Fish’ by Amir-Shahab Mehdizadeh, Mohammad Keivanmarz’s ‘Dad’ and ‘Damoon Jungle_ Yes or No’ co-directed by Hadi Amiri and Raha Faraji are some other Iranian shorts present at the same category of the fest.

‘Echo’ is about understanding and perception of wildlife and environmental abuse, as well as its consequences on human race.

The film has been showcased at a number of global events, including the Smaragdni eco film festival in Croatia, the R.E.D International Film Festival in Norway, the Snake Alley Festival of Film in the US, and the International Tour Film Festival in Italy.

The film’s screening at the Southern Cone International Film Festival in Mexico brought it an award for Best Short Film.

The Chaniartoon Int’l Comic & Animation Fest is set to screen animations and short films from around the globe, made both by students and professionals.

This year’s edition of the fest kicked off on September 11 and will wrap up on September 20.