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Iranian short film ‘Setin’ publishes trailer

Iranian film themed on drug addition and family issues releases trailer.

Iranian short film ‘Setin’ themed on drug addition and family issues has released a trailer. 

Directed and produced by Asghar Abbasi, the short film is about long and lasting love and a deep divide in a family, where love overcomes the gap and prevents a separation; however, drugs can topple every home!

‘Setin’ has so far gone on screen at a number of global events, including the 5th "Make Art Not War" festival in the US, the 2020 international short film festival of "Miradas a traves del tiempo" in Uruguay, and the 2020 Bebop Channel Content Festival in the US.

Graduated from the Iranian Youth Cinema Society, Abbasi has directed more than 20 short and documentary films.

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