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Very touching lines about Imam Hussein (AS) in tonight’s movie

In this weekend's flick, the male lead tries to compare his sacrifices with those of Imam Hussein (AS).

In this weekend's flick on ifilm, you can view a touching scene in which the male lead tries to compare his sacrifices with those of Imam Hussein (AS), but to no avail.

The male lead (played by Khosro Shakibaee) in ‘Empty Hands’ utters very touching lines about Imam Hussein's (AS) sacrifices and find that his devotion in life is not even close to what the third Shia Imam did in the Battle of Karbala where his followers along with the Imam were martyred by the tyrant of his time. 

The characters in the scene conclude that what he and his other comrades in battle did during the Iraq-Iran war was beyond compare when considering the Imam's suffering and sacrifices. 

The movie, produced by Mohammad-Reza Takhtkeshian and directed by Abolqasem Talebi, tells the story of a war veteran who suffers from serious mental issues.

He comes back to the loving arms of his family after years of being held in the enemy's prisons to see his one and only child used as bait to take revenge on him.

Here are the impressive lines by the male lead:

I had a dream about Kabala. I wanted to tell, but I was too shy.

I wanted to say I was a prisoner, but then I realized his entire family was.

I wanted to say I fought for what's right.

And I realized my fight was nothing compared to Hussein.

I wanted to say, "My child." I realized my hands. They were both empty. What could I have done with empty hands?

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