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Iran doc ‘Laleh Complex’ to vie at Italy’s Nuovi Mondi

The 2020 Nuovi Mondi Film Festival in Italy is to present Iranian doc ‘Laleh Complex’.

The 9th Nuovi Mondi Film Festival in Italy has set to present Iranian short documentary ‘Laleh Complex’.

Made by Komeil Soheili, the 22-minute Iranian doc will go on the Italian screen on September 26, 2020.

‘Laleh Complex’ is about some students who are trying to make their dreams come true in a remote village in central Iran.

Studying is a great challenge for those who live in these lands as they have to travel tens and tens of kilometers through wild places to reach the school.

Some try to continue studying while others give up. But the situation changes once a car arrives in the village.

It is not a normal car, but a magical car, which ignites the students’ imagination and makes their dreams come true.

‘Laleh Complex’ has so far gone on screen at some global events, including the 5th International Changing Perspectives short film festival in Turkey.

The Nuovi Mondi Film Festival is the smallest film festival in the world.

It takes place in a very small village in the Southern Italian Alps, where only 80 persons live.

The 9th edition of the Nuovi Mondi Film Festival is slated for September 19-27, 2020.

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