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Actors who played jet plane pilot in TV series

Our look at the actors who played the role of fighter pilot in TV series

An actor's job is to bring a scripted character to life. For actors, subsuming themselves into the characters they portray is probably the best part of their acting career. What follows, then, is a look at 5 Iranian stars who were at their best when playing the role of a jet plane pilot.  


Shahab Hosseini

Hosseini landed starring role as an iconic war pilot in ‘Passion to Fly’ TV series which narrates the story of Abbas Babaee, a legendry Iranian fighter pilot whose heroic sacrifices for Iran and the Iranian nation will never be erased from the country's history. This series pictures the life of Abbas Babaee, played by Hosseini, from childhood to the day of his martyrdom.

The role was so huge that Hosseini once told in a media interview that he said two rak'ats of prayer before first stepping in front of the camera. “Martyr Babaee changed my life. He gave me a new life,” Hosseini said.

Shahram Haqiqatdoust

Haqiqatdoust also extolled his acting career portraying a close friend to martyr Babaee in ‘Passion to Fly’. Despite being in a supporting role, he was acclaimed by critics and audience alike.

Shahrokh Estakhri

Estakhri, who is a household name to ifilm audience owing to ‘Solace of the Heart’, played the role of an Iranian air force pilot named Kioumars Moradi in ‘Flying at Zero Altitude’, which is set during the early stages of the Iraq-Iran war. After a failed attempt to marry his fiancée a year ago, Kioumars is determined to get married this time around, but with the war breaking out and his fiancée’s health condition, he is faced with some serious challenges.   

Ammar Tafti

Ammar wore pilot costume for ‘Flying at Zero Altitude’ TV series and appeared as Fereydoun, a close friend to Estakhri. He delved into the character to such an extent that he was highly praised by his fans.

Parsa Pirouzfar

Pirouzfar is probably best known to ifilm viewers for his role in biopic drama ‘In the Eye of the Storm’. The story of the series is told through the trials and tribulations, love and relationships of Irani family. Perhaps the most notable thing about the series is its realistic depiction of Bijan’s childhood, as played by Pirouzfar, to his adulthood when he becomes a fighter pilot.

In the Eye of the Storm’ is a dual-perspective TV series revered for its rigorous attention to historical detail. It lays out the precise chain of events from the revolutionary movement begun by Iran's national hero Mirza Koochak Khan in the early twentieth century, to the freedom of Khoramshahr during the eight-year war between Iran and Iraq in the 1980s.


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