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Iranian short ‘The Hands’ to vie in East Timor

The 2020 Dili Int'l Film Festival in East Timor is to host Iran's ‘The Hands’.

Iranian short flick ‘The Hands’ has been selected to compete at the 2nd edition of the Dili International Film Festival (DIFF) in East Timor.

Directed by Parviz Rajaee, the short film is themed on determinism and free will.

It shows some people waiting for a force to form them, but there is another group that its members try to act and create.

Also written by Rajaee, the short flick has been screened at many global events, including the Southport International Short Film Festival in the UK, the Sylhet Film Festival in Bangladesh, the Southeast Regional Film Festival in the US, the South Coast Film Festival of the UK, the Kosice International Monthly Film Festival of Slovakia, and the World Premiere Film Awards in the US.

This year’s edition of the DIFF invites filmmakers from around the world to share their messages about change in this new era.

The event will be held on October 1-11 with the theme of “2020 - Adapting to Change”.


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