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ifilm exclusive report on Iranian film ‘Confusion’

Watch ifilm exclusive on Iranian film ‘Confusion’ by Rasoul Kahani.

ifilm English TV has made an exclusive report on Iranian film ‘Confusion’, written and directed by Rasoul Kahani.

ifilm interviewed the director, the producer Abbas Akbari, the actor Daryoush Reshadat, the actress Nasrin Derakhshanzadeh, the production sound engineer Parviz Abnar, the film critic Kamal Pourkaveh, and a number of movie fans.

The 82-minute film is about Parisa and her brother who travel from Tehran to the northern part of Iran to fetch her dowry.

But entering the house there, they face a scene very different from what they had seen before.

Behzad Aqajani, Mehdi Ziachamani, Mahmoud Yavari, and Sarvar Peyrovani are also among the cast members of the flick.