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Iranian-German movie becomes doc midway

German broadcaster Deutsche Welle focuses on Iranian-German movie 'Bandar Band'.

German broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW) has published an article on Iranian-German movie  'Bandar Band'.

In a review published on the DW website, the Iranian-German movie 'Bandar Band'  is described as the one "sending a message of hope" and "an homage to Iran's landscapes."

Iranian female director Manijeh Hekmat whose films have run regularly at the Berlinale Film Festival in Germany had planned to produce a road movie focusing on three young musicians.  However, severe storms in Iran thwarted the director's filming schedule.

The remaining parts then had to be improvised along the way in an incidental documentary-style created due to an unexpected flood. The minibus taking a music band to Tehran for a singing competition comes to a sudden standstill in front of a gaping abyss - the road in front of the band has been washed off by the rain and has become impassable. 

While the film's protagonist faces many difficulties, it carries the message that "Iran's youth won't be defeated ... [they] are constantly seeking new paths," the review notes. 

The film, jointly produced by Iran and Germany picture companies, premiered in September at the 2020 Toronto International Film Festival. In the video attached, you can view an interview with the director on her latest offering. She notes that the flood depicted in her film can be an allegory for difficulties in life for the youths.