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This Iran actress lives in Karbala

Iran actress says she has been living in Iraq for the last three years.

Iran actress Elham Charkhandeh says she moved to the Iraqi city of Karbala three years ago.

Charkhandeh, who has appeared in many Iranian films and series said to the local media that"I have been living in Karbala with my husband, a cleric, for three years, and these days, due to the coronavirus, people cannot travel a lot” to this holy city.

She said that "my stay in Karbala has been for a long time and this decision was made due to my husband's job, but overall I am very happy to be in this holy place.”

The actress noted that she has visited Iran several times while living in Iraq over the last three years.

ifilm has aired some of her series such as ‘I’m a Tenant’, ‘The Sixth Person’ and ‘Hanieh’.

She has appeared in the movies ‘Homa’ (2001), ‘Sogand’ (2008), ‘The White Hills’ (2012), ‘Horses Still Gallop’ (2013) and ‘Love and Madness’ (2013).

The city of Karbala in Iraq hosts the holy shrine of the third Shia Imam, Imam Hussein (AS).