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ifilm to wrap up ‘Leila’s Loneliness’

The final episode of the series ‘Leila’s Loneliness’ is to go on ifilm screen tonight at 20:00 GMT.

ifilm English TV is set to screen the final episode of the series ‘Leila’s Loneliness’ on September 23.

Produced by Mohammad-Reza Shafiee and directed by Mohammad-Hossein Latifi, ‘Leila's Loneliness’ is the story of a girl from a rich family who travels from the US to her ancestral homeland, Iran, and falls in love with Mohammad, the custodian of a mausoleum who is a religious man.

Despite ideological differences, Leila finds peace in Mohammad’s austere and spiritual lifestyle and gets married to him. Leila faces many ordeals and hardships in her life, but her faith helps her to overcome them.

Among the cast list are Borzou Arjmand, Akbar Zanjanpour, Hassan Pourshirazi, Nasrin Moqanlou, Reza Rouygari, Behrouz Shoeibi, Andisheh Fouladvand, Mina Sadati, Sam Qaribian, Ali Salehi, Afarin Abisi, Saeed Dakh, Bahador Zamani, and the late actor Hassan Joharchi.

The series will be replaced by ‘Avicenna’ that will be aired every night at 20:00 GMT.

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