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West falsifying resistance: Professor Foad Izadi

Iranian professor of American Studies Foad Izadi says the US performs massive entertaining activities to falsify resistance.

Iranian professor of American Studies Foad Izadi believes the US performs massive media and entertaining activities to falsify the definition of resistance in West Asia.

Speaking exclusively with the 16th Resistance International Film Festival currently underway in Tehran, professor Izadi said Washington’s policy promotes campaigns against the resistance movement as it is the resistance movement which is opposing the US presence in West Asia and the Muslim world.

He further added, “The US battle is not limited to the West Asian region, but includes wherever there is a resistance against their activities.”

Professor Izadi said the universality of the US campaign against the resistance is a perfect cause to confront them via resistance both on the real and virtual battlegrounds.

“You see what they are doing to Latin American countries that are resisting US pressure and because of that action, the people who are in the resistance movement need to be more active in areas that deal with media and entertainment,” said Izadi to the festival.

The Resistance International Film Festival has attracted the world's independent artists and filmmakers’ attention; and it has also provided the artists and filmmakers from all over the world with the principles, ideals, and values ​​of the Islamic Revolution.

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