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Autumn leaves to cover Iran soon

With the autumn season upon us in Iran, ifilm website has published a feature to give the viewers a taste of Iran’s beauty and what it symbolizes for Iranians.

It is that time of year in Iran when the falling leaves of red and gold drift by the window and to many, autumn is the best season.

In Iran, autumn means a change from hot summer days to crisp evenings before the freezing weather in winter. This may not be the case for those living in tropical regions and when the author of this piece went to some South Asian countries felt the difference. Iran is one of the unique four-season countries, offering a wide range of climatic conditions in every corner of the country.

To be honest, I really missed the change when I was abroad as every season means sometimes different from the viewpoint of Iranians.

Here are some overriding themes when Iranians think of autumn:

1. Leaves change color from red and green to yellow as a reminder of development in life and unrequited love

2. Autumn  is the beginning of school season

3. The sound of autumn with leaves rustling and crackling together is always a pang of nostalgia

4. As temperatures drop to the tune of leaves falling, such image shows the temporary nature of everything around us.

Here are some photos from Iran’s autumn season to give a taste of why Iranians think this time of year is so peculiar – the beauty could be above all reasons.

ifilm website also presents in the attached video a cut from the award-winning Iranian movie ‘Subdued’ featuring Leila Hatami accompanied by an impressive music piece with a sub-theme of autumn.

In the song, autumn is represented as a cruel season aligned with the theme of 'Subdued' - a flick that focuses on love and betrayal.