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Sacred Defense memorabilia on display in Iran

We present you photos showing a collection of memorabilia belonging to Iranian warriors who fought during Iraq’s imposed war on Iran in the 1980s.

On the occasion of the Sacred Defense Week, ifilm website presents photos of memorabilia belonging to the brave Iranian warriors who fought in Iraq’s imposed war against Iran.

The photos remind us of the sacrifices the brave Iranian warriors made in an imposed war at the hands of Iraq’s former dictator Saddam Hussein and supported by some Western and regional states. 

Iraq invaded Iran and conducted airstrikes on a number of airbases in the Islamic Republic on September 22, 1980.

The war, which began 19 months after the victory of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, lasted almost eight years and ended on August 20, 1988.

The Sacred Defense Week is an event held annually in Iran to mark the onset of the Iraqi imposed war on the Islamic Republic.