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What will you expect this weekend on ifilm? some philosophical food for thought

Here is the best cut from the upcoming movie on ifilm for this weekend.

Here is the best cut from Iranian philosophical drama 'So Close, So Far Away' set to air on ifilm soon.

The flick follows Mahmoud Alam who is a highly successful surgeon who lives a good life in Tehran, or it seems so. But he has dedicated most of his time to appearing on TV talk shows and having fun with his friends.

He does not seem to have enough time for his family, especially his son, Saman. Not only does Mahmoud miss his son’s birthday, but also he fails to give his son’s birthday present which is a telescope that Saman needs for an astronomy contest being held in a desert village. When Mahmoud learns that Saman is suffering from a severe illness, he does everything he can to reach him. But the closer he gets, the farther away he seems.

The flick is set in the desert to offer a better ambiance of philosophy and in the select scene attached above, the lead is supposed to go on a spiritual journey with some events giving him new directions in life.

The clergyman in the scene talks about important philosophical concepts; here are some thought-provoking lines uttered by the actor in the flick that you can take as philosophical food for thought :

A coin has two sides, only one side is visible to our eyes

What matters is what goes on in people's hearts.

Take this salt desert, for example. There's a world of difference between the outside and the inside. 

 A truly unrivaled astronomy knows no bounds.

These bright stars above us can talk to us, but it takes ... a pure heart to understand [them].