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You’ll feel kind of wired on ifilm

In ifilm series ‘The Grand Prize’, characters will talk about misfortune, death and weirdness.

In the upcoming episode of ifilm series ‘The Grand Prize’, one of the characters talks about a serious incident that should not be talked about in front of minors with some wired feelings included.  

It is one of those unsettling moments for a widow to talk about her ex-husband’s death in front of a new suitor.   

However, the situational comedy works quite well here and you will laugh when watching the attached video that includes a cut from the next episode of ‘The Grand Prize’.

The female character gets carried away to the extent that she talks about death in front of her only son. What makes things awkward is that she was kind of responsible for the death, yet she only felt wired when seeing the dead body of her first husband in the bushes down the valley.  

This cut clearly shows how screenwriters can change a dramatic scene into a comedy with a little spin.

The third episode of 'The Grand Prize' is set to air on ifilm Saturday at 19:00 GTM.